The film minority report is directed by Steven Spielberg in 2002. This main theme in the movie is a controlling government that has pre-cogs a system in which they can catch poeple before they commit a crime. This idea of extreme control is known to the citizens and the advanced technology is simply a fact of everyday life for them. The spider scene is one scene that is extremely powerful its views in portraying this invasion of privacy and control. The scene starts with birds eye veiw shot looking down through all the buldinds, to show and provide veiwers the citizens lakc of privacy. This is a recurring shot within the scene and I believe Steven Speilberg used this to just enforce the control this futurist society dominates over there citizens. The buildings we see are dingy and dark no bright colors allowing us as viewers to see that while technology is advancing living areas and home o not seem to be a top priority for the government and while there is no crime the lives the citizens are living are not good. The shots we see from the spiders are low angle shots of the spiders and allow us to see from the spiders perspective. The spider’s craw under doors into people home once again enforcing this idea of invasion. The screech noises and scanning noises of the spiders do not seem to phase the citizens, showing the viewers that this is common and technology like this is an everyday common occurrence while showing the spider’s dominance. This whole scene has non-diegetic music playing adding to the effect of the scene with highs and lows building anticipation with the viewers that something big is to come. The lighting in the scene in dark and low light with a blue light near any technology this is a common trait in the whole movie and acts as a warning to the viewers that blue is technology and technology in this society means an invasion of privacy. Overall the shots, sounds, music and lighting all combines in this scene to give a sense to the viewers that in this dystopian society it is common to invade peoples privacy and advanced technology is very common giving the viewers strong understanding of the film.




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  1. Have you written this, Greer?

  2. Thanks!

    You need to discuss the technique AND its effect on the viewer.

    The scene starts with birds eye veiw shot looking down through all the buldinds, to show and provide veiwers the citizens lakc of privacy. – you could add something like:

    this shot therefore means the viewer feels they are also intruding on the privacy by looking into the everyday snapshot of people’s lives.

    This whole scene has non-diegetic music playing – you need to describe the music


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