“There is more than one kind of freedom… Freedom to and freedom from. In the days of anarchy it was freedom to. Now you are being given freedom from. Don’t underrate it”

Freedom the definition- the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants. The handmaid’s tale is a story of control, or as Atwood call’s it in the novel “freedom from”. Control and therefore a lack of freedom is shown in every aspect throughout the text, control of speech, education, relationships, sexuality, bodies and much more. The government controls every aspect of one’s life, setting the rules and guidelines of Gilead from the bible. Control is not a new concept there has been a lack of freedom and rights all throughout history which prompted Atwood to write the novel saying she didn’t write about anything that hadn’t already happened previously in history. Historically, all throughout time societies have been fully or somewhat based on the writings of religious texts, this is not a new concept many muslin countries still follow rules depicted in the Quran oppressing women just like in the handmaid’s tale.

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  1. Good start, you could take some examples of rules from the Qu’ran which are similar to rules in Gilead. I have a list of rules imposed by the Taliban in Afghanistan which you can have a read over.


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